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Lulu the Beagle

I am currently working on a lovely Beagle called Lulu for a couple in the States. Sadly, due to work commitments Lulu needed to be rehoused and this will be a surprise birthday gift to the client's husband.

As we are currently having a heatwave in mid France where I live, it is a bit difficult working in my mezzanine studio where I do all my paintings. Even the oil paint is drying much faster than normal!! But work must go on as there is a deadline to the finish of this painting!!

Here a few photos of the work in progress together with Lulu's original reference photo. As you can see, the background of the reference photo is a bit "busy" I thought it would give a more tranquil scene to add windows to let the sunshine stream down on to Lulu and added a wooden floor with warm colors.

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