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Off the Easel.......

Well, my husband and I recently went to Holland to visit our family and friend. Had an absolutely lovely time seeing everyone and enjoying some good weather too, which in Holland, is always a bit of a bonus!! :)

It was also a good opportunity to personally deliver some pet portraits as I recently finished three paintings for clients in Holland. Very nice to have a face-to-face contact which is not always possible with clients.

The main thing is they all adored their pet portrait oil paintings. Here are some photos and feel free to have a look at the testimonial link on my site to see their comments.

The first photo is of a beautiful Labrador called Joep. He is a hunting dog and his owner Hans was over the moon with the portrait in oils.

Then two other pet portraits in oils were delivered to a lovely lady called Caroline, who owns a gorgeous Munsterlander dog called Django and an Irish Tinker horse called Flynn.

The third pet portrait is of a teckel called Fientje, and her owner Maarten was delighted with his pet portrait too. Maarten and his wife love going to the beach so their request was to incorporate a coastal scene into their dog portrait. They loved it.

So in all, a good trip!!!

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