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Max, .....just a beautiful dog

Well, I am back into painting. Have been way too busy recently doing all sorts of other projects (many of them DIY) to focus on painting. Hence it took me a while to finish off the painting of Max.

Max is a rescue dog from the United Arab Emirates. A beautiful, animal loving Canadian lady rescued Max while she was working in the Middle East and eventually, when it was time to go back home for her, she took Max with her where he had another good and wonderful 10 years with her.

So Max had a beautiful life, but sadly crossed over into the rainbow recently. Max's owner misses him terribly so hopefully she will be delighted with the painting. It is an oil painting on canvas, 70 x 50 cm dimensions.

I still need to add and or change a few little things, but then it is done. Once dry it will be posted to Canada where I hope the painting will find a special place in the house of Max's owner. I hope I have done Max justice.....

dog oil painting by rosalie of

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