Some Wild Life oil Paintings

Well, I recently have been getting some commissions for wildlife paintings which were very interesting to do. Quite a challenge too really, moving away from the usual pet portraits.

The deer oil painting is on a canvas size 60 x 50 cm and is for a keen hunter in Holland who is really delighted with the end result!! Always pleasing to hear. I like the tentativeness of the deer which appears to be unsure whether to continue the stroll in the woodlands or not.

The wild boar oil painting is on a canvas 90 x 70 cm and was a commission of a South African hunter who lives in mid France. I have painted this particular type of painting before as you can see from my previous blogs and in the photo gallery. However, I was not happy with the background as I found it too bland. So this time I have added all sorts of warm autumn colours and added more background. The recipient was very happy with the final painting.

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