Paco, the beautiful German Shepherd

an emotional testimonial from Denise and Gilbert

Today we received the oil painting, made by Rosalie, of our beautiful Paco who sadly crossed over the rainbow recently. Upon seeing the painting, we were not only speechless, but also overcome with emotions and the tears were streaming down our faces. It is difficult to describe how we felt

Rosalie has captured Paco so beautifully, has managed to put Paco’s soul into the painting

We feel that our boy Paco is “home again” with us now.

Rosalie is a dedicated artist with a heart of gold.....which is portrayed in her work as our Paco has been put onto canvas with such feeling and emotion that Rosalie herself too was shedding the tears with us


Thank you so much Rosalie for bringing our boy back home to us.

a testimonial regarding Momma Deer and her Bambi painting

I commissioned Rosalie for an oil painting after I told her that I wanted to bring nature closer to home, so the brief was to paint a deer with her young because the harmony and softness they radiate together. This has a very special meaning to me.


After a few weeks I was able to see the painting Rosalie had made....quite frankly I was speechless......Rosalie has really managed to capture the softness, the innocence and the curiosity. Dear Rosalie, thank you for bringing this fantastic duo to life on a canvas and I treasure it every day!!

The story of Max by his owner Pamela Write a catchy title...

a testimonial from Pamela


My Story of Max, by his owner Pamela

Max came into my life by chance when I rescued him from a very bad situation in November 2002, whilst living in the United Arab Emirates. He was only about 5 months old then and we instantly connected!!

He spend the next 3 years with me walking the sand dunes of Al Ain and the beaches of Dubai. We then both travelled back to my home country Canada in 2005, where we spend hours and hours hiking the trails of the Rocky Mountains and the Alberta foothills.

His last 6 years we enjoyed life together in Muskoka, Canada.
Max has been with me through good and bad times for 13 years and how I miss him.

Rosalie, thank you so very much for so beautifully capturing Max's beauty and what a wonderful gift to have. To have such a lasting memory of Max on canvas means the world to me.
I cannot thank you enough.

To all my friends who have pets: please have a look at

I can seriously recommend Rosalie to anyone who wishes to have a portrait of his or her furry friend.

Pam xxxxx

Rick and his beagle Lulu

the oil painting of Lulu

We had to say goodbye to our beagle about a year ago.  LuLu was more than a pet, she was my friend and a member of our family.  It was a special day when Rosalie's portrait arrived in the mail as it brought back so many memories of our time with LuLu.  We display LuLu’s portrait in our living room and it will always be part of our home. The portrait is so amazing and  life-like it's like having her back with us! 

  Many thanks Rosalie…

Nanette and her Boris

an oil painting on canvas of the saint bernard called Boris

some time ago Rosalie  of Rosalie's Pet portraits had a Facebook competition to win an oil painting. The only thing you had to do was to tell her why you would like a painting. Everybody knows that Boris is my everything!! Boris is however getting on which is what I wrote Rosalie. Then I got THE news!!! I had won and  my Boris would be immortalized on canvas. I just could not believe my luck, a dream come true!!! I send Rosalie several photos and luckily Rosalie said she could work with my favorite photo of Boris.


Quite quickly I regularly received updates from Rosalie, which I really enjoyed getting!! And once I saw the finished eyes, I knew the painting was going to be absolutely amazing. So very life like and real.Rosalie send the painting to my home address in Holland, and the day the postman arrived, he himself had a big grin on his face. As if he knew the importance of this parcel !!! Once I had opened it, all I could say was woh, woh and woh again !! I am totally in love with this painting and it is so beautifully done. This way I never really have to miss my Boris and will have a lasting memory.


Thank you so very much Rosalie ....S





Sandra and Gert-Jan with their painting of Tyson

the oil painting of Tyson the Bullmastiff

This beautiful painting is thanks to Rosalie of Some time ago I noticed Rosalie's Facebook competition whereby the lucky winner could win an oil painting of their beloved pet. I hesitated really as I normally never win anything!! But then I got this wonderful news.....I had won the competition!!! Unbelievable!!! Then the dilemma what photo to use?? I chose one of Tyson's photo when he was still strong and healthy and Rosalie was very happy to work with this photo. Sadly my beautiful and loyal Tyson is no longer with me. Tyson has been such an important factor in my life, helping me with his love and loyalty through some really difficult times. I miss him still so much.....

As I unwrapped the painting and Tyson's eyes were looking at me, I got so terribly emotional and the tears were streaming down my beautiful Tyson .......

The way Rosalie has painted Tyson is just so life-like  and I feel as if his eyes are really looking at me!!! The painting makes Tyson alive again. 

Rosalie, I am so very grateful, Tyson was so very precious to me and I can not thank you enough for giving me this amazing present. 

With love, Sandra

Hans and his dog Joep

Huijbergen, Holland

Dear Rosalie,

What a wonderful surprise it was to receive the oil painting of our dog Joep!! We are truly delighted with the painting, and we never imagined it would look so stunning and life-like. The look in his eyes is just amazing!!! Once we get it framed, it will have a very special place in our home.

Hans and Lydia

Caroline with the oil paintings of Flynn and Django

Putte, Holland

Rosalie, I love the oil paintings of my beautiful horse Flynn and my Munsterlander called Django. You have captured them both beautifully and I am in awe of the way you have managed to bring the paintings to life. I could not be happier with the end results and I will treasure them

Maarten and the oil painting of Fientje

Harderwijk, Holland

Thank you very much Rosalie for the wonderful painting and the way you captured our beloved Fientje on canvas. You have so beautifully captured the sweet look in her eyes.  Our favourite place for relaxing is being on a beach and so our brief was to have Fientje lying on a beach. We love the way you have given her such a relaxed posture and how you have added the coastal background. The painting has found a very special place in our living room and is precious to us!!

Charlotte with Daisy, the English Bulldog.

Sr.Pierre le Moutier, France

Dear Rosalie,

Thank you so much for the wonderful painting you made of our beloved Daisy. As you know, this was for our mother's birthday, she absolutely adored it!! The likeness with Daisy is amazing and your have captured her expression very well.

Thank you again, the painting is a treasure to us.


Wexford, Ireland

Dear Rosalie


Thank you so much for the wonderful painting!! As you know, I just adore birds, so I was thrilled to receive this as a birthday gift.


Thank you so much again


Lotte and her painting of Fientje

The Hague, The Netherlands

Dear Rosalie


Thank you so much for the wonderful painting you made of our beloved Fientje!! I just think it is terrific. I should thank my parents too for allowing me to take the painting to my own appartment as I know it was originally commissioned by my parents for their own place. This way however I get to look at Fientje every day and the painting has found a very special place in my appartment. Thx again

Emma and John

Verreaux, France

Dear Rosalie

Thank you for the wonderful painting of our dogs, Mutley and Charlie. Our request was that you capture their love of the chase and you have done so with perfection.

The painting honours their memory and makes John and I think about them both with happy affection.

Thank you

Emma and John Leslie

Isobel and David Leslie

Le Pondy, France

Rosalie, the finished product looks amazing. We could have never pictured it looking so detailed and accurate.  We love it. It has been so difficult for us with Pejsku passing away, but you have totally captured his character and your attention to detail is outstanding!!!

We get emotional every time we glance at your painting of Pejsku. 

What an amazing gift which we will cherish for the rest of our lives.; I really don't think it will ever be topped. Thank you for helping us honour  Pejsku’s life, he will always be missed and never forgotten.


David and Isobel

Peter King

Sydney, Australia

Dear Rosalie, thank you so much for the beautiful painting you made of my beloved Biggles!! As you know, Biggles was my companion and went everywhere with me. Now that he suddenly has passed away, I miss him deeply. Looking at your painting brings back so many wonderful memories I shared with Biggles.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for this wonderful lasting memory.

Whalea Bus, Bullmastiff Breeder "Van ' t Donkere Woud"

Goor, The Netherlands

What amazing paintings of my Bullmastiffs BamBam and Claus, the pup. I am so incredibly pleased with them, they are so real looking. Amazing what you have achieved by just using one photo.

Sadly BamBam died at two years of age. I love the way you have captured the sweet and loyal expression of her eyes. Now that I have a painting of her, she will always be with me. Both paintings have found a prominent place in our living room where I can look at them every day.

Rosalie, thank you so much for the beautiful paintings. I will treasure them for the rest of my life.

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